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045: Leviticus 5-7

Alright sinners, this one is for you. Your dirty little secrets are not safe from judgement, you know the ones we're talking about. But what if you don't know that you are sinning? Oh don't worry, there are procedures for you as well my friend! Before you shout shenanigans about this particular's kind of like when you break a law you didn't know was a law, you are still responsible right? The "i didn't know" defense also doesn't fly with Yaweh. Lesson learned here: you're guilty if you break the biblical rules whether you know it or not and offerings must be made. We also cover more offering procedures and bring back the wave and heave offerings. 

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044: Leviticus 1-4

Hooray! It's Levitivcus time. That also means a new theme song that we are super excited about! First up on the docket, we are covering burnt, grain, fellowship and sin offering procedures. At first, this may sound kinds boring, but yet again, the bible gives us some super interesting instructions and visuals. Can you smell what the bible is cooking? We have a hard time stomaching some of this odorific manificence! This is an episode that will make you hungry and sick to your stomach all at the same time.

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