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048: Leviticus 14-15

Are you ready to hear about Leprosy cleansing, mold cleansing and the wonderful world of bodily discharge that makes people unclean? Well ready or not, here it comes. Fair warning for those with sensitive stomachs because it is going to get descriptive. Lastly, we close out the chapter with semen. Really a very well rounded reading....and by well rounded we just mean that we said discharge a ridiculous amount of times.

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047: Leviticus 11-13

What the hoof is going on here? We are about to cover clean vs unclean animals to eat. Such strong and powerful words against god's great creatures. Specifically, any kind of Raven is a complete abomination! Then we move on to fountains of blood with childbirth, graphically described skin diseases and then we close it down in a big way with defiling mold. Say what?!

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