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052: Leviticus 24-25

Yahweh chats it up with Moses again. Cupcakes…you’ll get it once you read about it. Then we move on to some juicy gossip. We get into a very interesting story that ends in a brutal punishment. We also hear that famous statement an “eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”. Listen up farmers, ya gotta take a break in planting your fields so they don’t go barren on you. Also we learn about this super confusing thing called the 50th year Jubilee. Sounds fun…but really it’s just a lot of math and logistics. Oh and also don’t enslave your own people. Enslave other people. Yup, it's in the bible folks. 

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051: Leviticus 22-23

Another big drinking episode, maybe take baby sips during this one friends. Here we have another confusing reading from Leviticus. The translation of these chapters are rough to say the least. Yahweh gives some more laws to Moses that don’t make a whole lot sense with today's judicial atmosphere. Things like offerings must be male without blemish (blind, broken limbs, maimmed, scurvy, scabbed, wen). Don’t kill baby animals, wait until they grow up a bit. We learn about the Sabbath on the 7th day and also passover. Don’t eat the first of your harvests until you’ve made and offering to Yaweh. The weirdness continues, you'll just have to listen to this one to get it all.

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040: Exodus 30-32

This could quite possibly be the smelliest of chapters we've read thus far. Bring on the fancy incense alter blueprints, an ancient census and annointing oil! Kudos to the written word giving very precise and detailed instructions. Let's also not forget the Sabbath! We learn that we must observe it or die. No big deal! Near the end of this chapter we learn that Moses & Yaweh both have major anger issues. The 10 Commandment Tablets finally make their appearance, but they don't last long. Lasty, Aaron gives us an excuse that rivals "the dog ate my homework" for the reason why the golden calf idol was created. Just wow! 

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