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043: Exodus 39-40

We've made it to the end of Exodus! Finally!!! Oops, we mean huzzah! To end this fairly long repetative book of the bible, we start by recapping the garments that Aaron is going to wear. In the final chapter, we get the exact instructions on how to put all these pieces together. Moses appears to be the only one constructing this bad boy, but he does seem to have that certain glow, so it makes sense. And there you have it, Exodus is over and we head on to the next Book - Leviticus. 

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042: Exodus 36-38

Here we go again....more instructions on how to build things. It's like bible study purgatory! We try to figure out what's the significance of giving these instructions multiple times. This time though, it seems the instructions are actually being put to good use and the structures are being created. The use of acacia wood is pretty strong here. Can we say that this is the wood of choice for biblical time architecture? Lastly, we end with a little bit of biblical accounting. 

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