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043: Exodus 39-40

We've made it to the end of Exodus! Finally!!! Oops, we mean huzzah! To end this fairly long repetative book of the bible, we start by recapping the garments that Aaron is going to wear. In the final chapter, we get the exact instructions on how to put all these pieces together. Moses appears to be the only one constructing this bad boy, but he does seem to have that certain glow, so it makes sense. And there you have it, Exodus is over and we head on to the next Book - Leviticus. 

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039: Exodus 28-29

We gotta say, the priests of the bible must've looked super fly! In this chapter, we learn about judgement breastplates, gemstones, gold and other priestly garment requirements. But wait, it gets better. Aaron and his sons are ordered to do some pretty disgusting things including waving ram parts in the air. Yuck! The visuals here are just too much!

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