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Bonus: Episode 61

Is Yahweh a construct made up by Moses and Aaron to control the people? If not, what does Yahweh look like? Is he old and bearded but still ripped like Michelangelo's depiction of him on the Sistine Chapel's ceiling? What is theophany? What's the difference between falling on ones face (and how often does this happen) and bowing low? We explore all this and more in today's bonus episode!

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BonusDrunk Bible Study
Bonus: Episode 59

"How much quail is a homer? Why did Miriam get punished and not Aaron? What's so bad about eating quail? Oh, and what are Nephilim again?

All this and more on this bonus episode of Drunk Bible Study!"

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Bonus: Episode 58

There's a lot to explore here: Trumpets, ancient shaving, how to properly wave and/or heave offer... did we mention ancient shaving? It sounds hardcore.

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Bonus: More Fun With Your Hosts

In this first bonus episode, we are releasing some extra recordings that didn't make it into the first episode. We answer more of Emily's questions about different denominations, talk more about how we want to read the Bible, and we even include some fun outtakes.

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